A visit with Abe Galper
December 24, 1999, Toronto, Ontario

Steve Pierre, (Clarinet, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Music Faculty, U of T)
Chuck Dallenbach, (Tuba, Canadian Brass)
Rosemary Champion, (Music Instructor, Huntsville, Alabama)
Photos by Larry Paikin

Checking clarinets Checking clarinets
Steve, Abe and Chuck inspect clarinets

Checking clarinets Checking clarinets
Steve and Abe taking a closer look

Chuck Chuck and Rosemary
Chuck with his father's clarinet , Abe looking on. Chuck and Rosemary 

And yet another visit with Abe Galper
December 12, 1999, Toronto, Ontario

Masako Charette & Mark Charette
Photos by Mark Charette
Abe answering Fan Mail.

Abe and Charna
Abe and his wonderful wife of over 50 years, Charna.

All of us.
Masako Charette, Abe, Charna, and Mark Charette