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  • C. Baermann, "Complete Method", Volume III is the best for scales and arpeggios. It has just about everything you really need in an expanded format with an extended range (to c'''')."
  • C. Baermann, "Complete Method", Volume II.
  • H. Klosé, "Celebrated Method for the Clarinet, Parts I and II." Part II, the first few pages, is a good condensed review for daily practice/memorized routine."
  • F. Kroepsch, "416 Progressive Studies"
  • G. Langenus, "Complete Method", Volume I
  • C. Rose, "40 Studies"
  • A. Uhl, "48 Studies"
  • H. Voxman, "Selected Studies"
  • A. Galper, The Galper Clarinet Method - Book 2

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