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Be careful posting your home address or phone number to any public forum on the Internet. Just like your real community, there are people online who might take advantage of information about you.

Absolutely Never send any credit card numbers or other sensitive information anywhere on the Internet, even in private email, unless it is encrypted. There is no privacy on the Internet.

Do not forward messages back to the mailing list if your only comment is "I agree". Your silence more appropriately indicates your agreement.

When you express an opinion (and these often provide the best exchange of new ideas), please DO explain why you feel that way about a recording, particular brand of instruments, certain reeds, performers, and so forth. But be careful not to make unfounded statements that could be considered libellous and do not present your opinion as truth.

Do not answer questions if you do not know the answer. If you have to preface your statement with "I think...", you should carefully consider the value of your reply.

The KLARINET mailing list is not a place to get assistance with your homework. There are many resources available for your research. Start with the Klarinet Archives, Bulletin Board search, and bibliography section and your local library.

Do not be upset if you pose a perfectly reasonable inquiry which seems to fall on deaf ears. If somebody who reads the message knows the answer, he or she will probably respond. The list would be worthless if everybody who did not know the answer to a question publicly notified us of their collective ignorance.

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