Anne Shelton

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Living near: Corning, NY USA
Clarinet Expertise: Teacher, Band
E-Mail: SheltonAM@aol.com

May 1994 - Bachelor of Music- Music education from Ithaca College.

Aug. 1995 - Nov. 1996: Baldwinsville, NY. Marching band staff- Drill instructor - woodwinds.

Sep. 1996 - Jan. 1997: Baldwinsville, NY. Elementary instrumental music teacher - 2 bands, 4 buildings, small group lessons to approx. 160 students.

Jan. 1997 - Jun. 1997: Horseheads, NY. Middle School instrumental music teacher - 3 bands, plus 1 jazz band and small group lessons to approx 100 students of 180 (the other 80 were taught by other music teachers in the building).

Sep. 1997 - Present: Elmira, NY. I have students in 4th-8th grade. I teach small group lessons, conduct bands, and coach chamber ensembles.

In 1999 I started working with the Horseheads Blue Raiders High School Marching Band. I am a woodwind specialist there.

I May of 2001 I should be receiving my Masters in Music Education from Mansfield University.

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