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I used to have a table of combinations here, but after a new survey I decided to eliminate it. "Why?" you may ask. "It was valuable."

Not really. The combinations and permutations of equipment that clarinetists' use is large, and each combination ends up serving only a small percentage of players well. The whole equipment thing gets overblown so easily. As a friend of mine once put it, "The importance of things decreases non-linearly, starting at the brain and ending at the bell."

Now, this hasn't helped you at all, right? You were looking for ideas to try. Well, my recommendation is to try & test everything you can get your hands on (and afford) for a good week at least. Try a different brand of reeds or reeds a little weaker/stronger than you have now. Try a new ligature or a new mouthpiece. Try a new barrel. But don't try everything all at once! There's just too many variables to handle and remember.

A couple of last things - price is not necessarily a good indicator of what's good for you, and just because your favorite player uses a particular item doesn't mean that you'll sound like them if you buy it.

Keep on experimenting, and above all - have fun playing!

Mark Charette, Webmaster, http://www.woodwind.org

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