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The New Langwill Index Should Help ...

Jack Dannenberg wrote:

"There are many requests on this list for information on some dusty old instrument made by the XYZ company. There is a book available, albeit somewhat expensive, titled The New Langwill Index: a Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers and Inventors. The author is W.R. Waterhouse. It is available at Tony Bingham's in London.
I believe the book was about $100, but perhaps it is available from some library interloan program. It lists a lot of manufacturers, when and where they were in business and also what dates they changed their names such as Boosey and Son's from 18xx-19xx and then changed to Boosey and Hawkes. It does not contain information about particular instruments or serial numbers as I recall."
Tony Bingham
11 Pond St.
London NW3 2PN
Tel. 0171-7941596
FAX 0171-4333662

Nick Shackleton wrote about this book:

"This is a big (560 pages) compendium with about 6500 makers listed; information on their lives, their inventions, pictures of many makers' marks, etc. Last year it got a "best book" award from a Librarians Association. It's not something that every clarinettist needs but something to know about, and certainly something that every clarinettist interested in historic clarinets and every repairer/dealer and library needs. It costs you 66 pounds by sea mail and Tony takes credit cards (if you can't wait, 80 pounds by air to the US Japan etc)."

I (Mark Charette, Webmaster) have a copy; please check both here and on the Bulletin Board before sending me mail. If you don't find it in either place then email me at music@woodwind.org. It may take some time before I get back to you, however.

The following list is for the purpose of identifying the parent company or maker of a woodwind. This can be useful if the trade name is the only name is on the instrument. This list is for names that do not include, in part or whole, the name of the maker or manufacturer. In many cases bore information can be found by searching the Bulletin Board

Trade Name Maker Dates
A.Feuillard Progressive Musical Instrument Corp. 1920-50
A. Lefevres US Government Import ?
A. Fontaine Imported from France by US Government; brass from Fr. ?
Advance Czech export 1918-39
Alcazar William Brothers ca. 1930
Ambassador F.E. Olds & Sons ?
Ambassador Parisian F.E. Olds & Sons ?
America First Conn 1918-?
Americana Import? ?
American Artist Progressive Musical Instrument Corp. 1920-50
American Capitol Exported flutes, maker? ?
American Climax Lyon & Healy and/or J. W. Pepper ?
American Conservatory Lyon & Healy 1906-?
American Criterion McMillin 1917-1920
American Excelsior Berteling 1880's
American Knight ? ?
American Prep. W. Frank 1910-ca. 1950
American Standard H. N. White ca. 1930-1940
American Star Lyon & Healy ?
American Victory Progressive Musical Instruments Corp. 1920-50
André Cobot US Governement Export from France ?
Artist Sears Roebuck & Co.; made by Blessing ?
Atlas C. Ullmann (flute, flageolet or multiflute) ?
Bandmaster Elkhart Band Instrument Co. ?
Bandsman H.P.Upton/Waller ?
Barklee Universal Instrument Co. ca 1930's
Beaumont C. Meisel ?
Belmore W. Frank 1910-ca. 1950
Boy Scout Buglecraft Inc. ?
Buisson Dallas - made by V. Kohlert's Söhne ?
Buisson, F. Dallas made by La Couture ?
Buisson, Jean Progressive Musical Instrument; exported from La Couture 1920-50
Bundy H. & A. Selmer (George Bundy; employee) 1927-
Cabart Dallas (oboes and bassoons) ?
Campus Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Calura ? ?
Carl Schubert US Government; Exported from Austria? ?
Cavalier Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
CEA C. A. Wunderlich ?
Challenge clarinet exported from France ?
Challenger Pan American Band Instrument Co. or US Czech ?
Champion Grossman Music Corp. (imported clarinet and brass) 1921-after WWII
Champion Lyon & Healy ?
Champion Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Champion Deluxe Grossman Music Corp. (imported clarinet and brass) 1921-after WWII
Champlaine US Government; exported from Paris ?
Classroom Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Concerto G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Corona Schuster & Co. ?
Coudet Martin Freres; exported by US Government ?
Crampton French made D'Albert clarinet ?
Dearman Czech made D.L.G. Ets. ?
Delepine Lafont Goubet D.L.P. ?
Dolnet Lefevre et Pigis ?
Dumain or J. Dumain Grossman Music Corp; imported clarinet and brass 1921-after WWII
Fidelity Czech made brass (Ford, Pitt, Volkwein Brothers) ?
Francais US Government import from France ?
Franco American Couesnon ?
Frat Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Free-Tone H. & A. Selmer 1927
Emo E. Modl ?
Empire State Penzel & Muller (metal clarinet) 1920-55
Endor Curwen, London, England ?
Ésprit G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Esta E.B. Stark ?
Éternité G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Euterpe Tonk & Brother ca. 1885-90
Everrite Ditson (saxophone) ?
Excelsior H. Coecklenbergh ?
Excelsior H. Coleman ?
Excelsior J. H. Foote
Excelsior Pepper ?
Gewa Walther ?
Greville US Government (Paris import) ?
Gladiator H. N. White ca. 1930-1940
Goldklang F. & R. Enders 1899-1950
Greville US Government (Paris import) ?
Guy Humphrey US Government (Paris import - clarinets) ?
Guy Renne US Government (Paris import) ?
G. L. Otterell Progressive Musical Instrument Corp. exported from La Couture ?
Hamilton Grossman Music Corp (imported clarinet and brass) 1921-after WWII
Heinrich Salzer US Government (imported) ?
Henri Frenier US Government (imported) ?
Henri Gautier Lyon & Healy ?
Henri Lavelle Grossman Music Corp. (imported clarinet and brass) 1921-after WWII
Henry Mekel US Government - imported from Paris ?
Innovation R. Wurlitzer 1856-1914
Inspiration Lyon & Healy ?
Infinité G. Leblanc Corp Current Model
J. Masters ? ?
Jetel J. Thibouville-Lamy (J.T.L.) ?
John Grey Boosey & Hawkes; (clarinets) John Grey & Sons (B. Samuel) ?
Karl Meyer H. & A. Selmer 1927-?
King H. N. White ca. 1905-1940
Klear Tone Bruno ?
Klingson Hammerschmidt ?
Konefa ? ?
Kessels ? ?
Krone Schuster & Co ?
Labori US Government - imported from Paris ?
Lacroix, M. US Government - imported from Paris ?
Lafayette Bruno or Couesnon post 1900-?
La Monte US Government - imported ?
La Porte Lyon & Healy 1864-1940
La Prealpina Rampone & Cazzaini ?
La Premiere US Government - imported ?
La Vesta Bruno (company started in 1834 1834?-post 1900
Lefima E. L. Fischer ca. 1930
Le Pierre US Government - imported le Rationel G. Leblanc ?
Liberty H. N. White ca.1930-1940
Lincoln H. & A. Selmer ?
Lucien Bassi Heyworth ?
Lyrist A.E.Sax ca. 1925
M. Dupont Sears Roebuck & Co. (French imports) post 1918
Le Maire US Government - imported from Paris ?
Majestic R. Wurlitzer 1856-1914
Manhattan H. & A. Selmer (Manhattan Selmer) 1927-?
Marceau Sears Roebuck & Co.; imported from Bohemia or Czechoslovakia post 1918
Marcil Selmer 1927-?
Master Model H. N. White ca. 1930-1940
Melody R. Wurlitzer 1856-1914
Meinhart US Government - imported
Merveilleuse J. Wallis & Sons - Paris export ?
Musicraft US Government - imported
New Champion Lyon & Healy 1864-1940
Noblet G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Normandy G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Norwood Fillmore ?
Orpheus ? ?
Opus G. Leblanc Corp. Current Model
Pierre Bernette Boehm ?
Perfacktone Pan American Band Instrument Co. (brass) ?
Perfackten Bruno for US imports post 1900
Perfection Bruno (clarinet) post 1900
Peroque Paris export ? ?
Pitt American Volkwein Brothers ?
Predominant Boosey & Hawkes
Prima J. Gras
Princess Fillmore ?
Professional Progressive Musical Instrument Corp. (clarinets) 1920-50
Prom Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
P.X. Laube Progressive Musical Instrument Corp. 1920-50
R & H Reiffel & Husted ?
Rainbow Pan American Band Instrument Co. (mellophone) ?
Raymond H. & A. Selmer (Paris) 1927-?
Realistic C. Fischer 1923-?
Reliable Fillmore Rene Guenot Douchet
Rent-a-Horn Tonk ca. 1894-1940
Revere US Government - imported from Paris
Rex Perfection Bryant ?
Rex Buglecraft Inc. ?
Rexcraft Buglecraft Inc. ?
Rialto US Government ?
Roland A.E. Fischer 1925
Savana (Universal Paris) ? (saxophone) ?
Scholastic Blessing ?
Scholastic Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Selekta Herwig ?
Serenader Gretsch
Signal Deutsche Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik ?
Signet H. & A.. Selmer 1927-? ?
Silver Sonic Prima Sankyo flutes ?
Silver Tone Sears Roebuck & Co.; made by Blessing and H. N. White ca. 1930-1940
Silver King H. N. White (brass) ?
Silvertone Sears Roebuck, Inc. ?
Semi-Rationel G. Leblanc ?
SML Strasser Marigaux & Lemaire ?
Sonata G. Leblanc Corp. ?
Sonor Link ? ?
Sonora O. Adler ?
Special Olds ?
Special Pepper ?
Standard Pan American Band Instrument Co. ?
Star Deluxe Model U.S.A. (export) ?
Stentor Paris ? (saxophone) ?
Stentor Rotterdam ? (clarinet) ?
Sterling Tonk ?
Super Artist Sears Roebuck & Co; made by Blessing ?
Supertone Sears Roebuck & Co. ?
Supratone Parduba ?
Symphony R. Wurlitzer 1856-1914
Taco Designed by Tauscher ?
Tajos Designed by F.Than and others. ?
Tempo Elkhart Band Instrument Co. post 1928
Tonecrest Contracted to US Tone King ? ?
Tonette Designed by Swanson ?
Top Notch Volkwein Brothers ?
Tourville Contracted by US; Export ?
True-Tone Elkhart Band Instrument Co. / Buescher post 1924 (or earlier)
Twentieth Century Bohland & Fuchs ?
U.S.A. Line Dist. by ? ?
U.S. Regulation ? ?
Vito Resotone G. Leblanc Corp. ?
Vito Resotone Universal (Paris) ?
Vito Resotone McClellan ?
Vito Resotone Lyon & Healy ?
20th Century Progressive Musical Instruments 1920-50

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